Who are

Our Mission is to promote the use of data and technology in the public sector to ensure the right to a healthy life for all Brazilian women and men, without exception.

We are a non-profit, supraparty organization that works side by side with states and municipalities to improve the collection and analysis of data from health services and, thus, positively impact the lives of the population.

Data at the service of
Brazilian public health

Impulso Gov emerged in 2019 with the purpose of helping to correct a bottleneck for the improvement of Brazilian public health: countless data are generated in the provision of public health services, but few are transformed into useful information to feed back and improve public policies. 

To identify in advance the growth of diseases in the population in order to apply preventive measures, project the demand for care to plan the hospital infrastructure, identify priorities to organize the visit schedule of community health agents, are some examples of the transformation that the use of data can bring to public health. 

The fact that there is a Unified Health System in Brazil creates some challenges common to municipal and state governments. We work on two fronts to help overcome them:

We develop analyzes and visualizations of open data for use by states and municipalities;

We work on a daily basis with governments, supporting the development of customized solutions for local realities, in our territorial projects.

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Impulso Gov has focused its efforts on providing municipalities and states with data, guides and solutions that support the response to the disease, always taking into account the diversity of local realities.

Ours values

We focus on the real impact.

We want to generate measurable change in people's lives through public policies: this is a success for Impulso. And we know that this is not easy. We start by understanding the problem, only then to propose solutions; we prioritize the most urgent challenges; and aim for the highest quality for our deliveries.

We listened, tested, and adjusted quickly.

Everyone and everyone can and should question our premises at all times; we seek different points of view, inside and outside the organization. We learn from others and do not reinvent the wheel. We test and experiment all the time, taking risks. If we miss the direction, we adjust quickly, we even see impact.

We value people.

The organization develops together and from people. We increase our impact when everyone is treated with respect and transparency, share our goals, and see in their work a constant opportunity for professional and personal development.

We are suprapartisans

Our organization is supraparty, with operations in all regions of the country.

City Halls of 22 municipalities

Governments of 05 states

Our governance


Isabel Opice

Master in International Development from Harvard University, with experience in the Government of the State of São Paulo and in the Ayrton Senna Institute.

João Abreu

Master in International Development from Harvard University, with experience at the São Paulo City Hall and Harvard Government Performance Lab.


Conselheira Impulso2
Joice Toyota
Executive Director of Vetor Brasil
Marcelo Cabral
Specialist in public policy and government management
Marcia Castro
Head of Harvard University School of Public Health
Victor Olivier
VP of Nubank Operations and Platforms
Wanderson Oliveira
Former Surveillance Secretary of the Ministry of Health

Fiscal Council

Ricardo Vieira
Portfolio manager at VBI Real Estate
Eduardo Azevedo
Innovation specialist at IDB
Elisa Mansur
CEO and co-founder of startup Carinos
Maíra Madrid
Director of SP Partnerships
Adailton Lopes
Payment Program Manager at Amazon
Maira Machado
Itaú Microcredit Manager

Ours partners