Impulse no Estadão: Digital platform helps public managers to work with the SUS program

This week, Impulso was featured in Estadão. The article signed by Maure Pessanha, Executive Director of Artemísia, a partner organization of Impuso Gov, mentioned how digital platforms can help public management in the Health field and highlighted the creation of Impulso Previne, a digital platform that will help public managers in analysis of Previne Brasil indicators, the new primary care financing policy.

Impulse Search: Intern Developer Front-End

Impulso – gov is looking for a Front-End Developer Intern to improve its services and solutions. We are looking for people who are willing to solve public health problems in Brazil and who want to help strengthen the SUS.

Impulso has a new partner, the OPY Health Institute

The Opy Health Institute is a Brazilian philanthropic institute that aims to support the public health system and its users. He is the first investor in our ImpulsoPrevine solution, a platform that will gather information from all Brazilian municipalities with key Brazilian public health indicators established by Previne Brasil.