São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro advance in vaccination coverage and stay ahead of important international cities

The data demonstrate that Brazilian cities are ahead of other international cities in coverage with the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine in the adult population.

The city of São Paulo leads in coverage of the adult population with at least one dose, among the cities evaluated, followed by Toronto and Buenos Aires. The city of Rio de Janeiro is ahead of cities like New York, Berlin and London. This demonstrates that vaccination coverage in Brazilian cities is advancing, but for the immunization process to be effective it is necessary to complete it with the second dose, when necessary. 

For the realization of the graph, the data used were made available on the vaccination websites of each city. In the case of those that did not have the percentage, the estimate was made by dividing the total of the first dose applied and the total adult population to have the percentage of coverage. 

The data and sources that were used can be found in the table below, as well as the calculation that was performed to make the estimates in the graph.