Indicators point to a downward trend in the number of COVID-19 cases in Brazil

An analysis developed by the NGO ImpulsoGov and published this Tuesday, July 6, points to a downward trend in the number of cases of COVID-19 in the country.  

The analysis was carried out taking into account the indicators of the Social Networks and COVID platform developed by Conass (National Council of Health Secretaries) and by Vital Strategies based on data from Facebook users. The platform points out a trend of cases for the next 15 days. It is important to remember that these data have had excellent predictive power in the past.

According to Marco Brancher, Data Coordinator at ImpulsoGov, the downward trend in the number of cases and deaths may be related to the advance of vaccination in Brazil. Despite the slow pace, 36,59% of the population is already vaccinated with the first dose and 12,92% are fully immunized. 

Even though the indicators show improvement, it is important to be alert to possible reversals in the downward trend, especially in light of the presence of new variants, such as Delta, already identified in Brazil and significantly more infectious. For this reason, Brancher emphasizes the importance of maintaining health protocols, such as the use of masks, social distance and preference for open and ventilated places.

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