ImpulsoPrevine: how Impulso has supported municipalities to overcome the challenges of Previne Brasil

Do you already know Prevent Brazil? Previne Brasil is the new federal funding policy for Primary Health Care. Established in 2019, Previne aims to strengthen the Unified Health System (SUS) based on a funding structure that takes into account the population's dependence on the SUS and the performance and results of municipalities in primary care care. 

The new model, therefore, creates conditions that must be met by the municipalities so that financial transfers can be transferred by the federal government. The following criteria are taken into account: weighted funding, payment for performance and incentive for strategic actions.

Previne was just born and is already vitally important to the public health of Brazilian municipalities, as it directly influences the amount of resources transferred to municipalities for financing Primary Care.

However, we realize that the new methodology brings with it great challenges for municipalities and public managers. Among the main points of attention are the lack of in-depth knowledge about Previne, its dynamics and its main indicators by public managers, as well as the need for reorganization of work processes by the teams to prioritize the program's target populations and achieve the goals that guarantee the transfer of resources. The challenges are numerous and often different between different Brazilian cities and their realities.

In order to ensure the quality of Brazilian public health and support public managers in improving processes, we at Impulso have worked intensively alongside Brazilian municipalities in mapping the main difficulties faced by managers and in developing smart and high-impact solutions to support municipalities to overcome these challenges.

Based on this, our team has carried out training with public managers, both in terms of the program's content and its indicators, and in the correct form of recording information for the health teams in the systems. 

In addition, with a view to enhancing and scaling the positive impacts of these solutions designed alongside Brazilian municipalities, we have developed guides to structure the work of improving indicators for public managers and we are building a tool to facilitate the analysis of results in Previne Brasil. 

Do you want to know more about PrevineBrasil in an uncomplicated way and understand the main indicators of the Program? Click on the buttons below and access our guides about the program.

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