Campaign #InformarPrevenirSalvar updates protocols against COVID-19.

Focusing on public managers and mayors, Observatório COVID-19 BR and Anesp launched yesterday, July 2nd, a communication campaign that aims to update protocols for fighting the pandemic. The campaign has the support of ImpulsoGov, the National Front of Mayors, Vital Strategies, Instituto Arapyaú, Instituto Alziras and Consortium Conectar.

Based on new scientific discoveries about COVID-19, the National Association of Specialists in Public Policies and Government Management (Anesp) and the COVID-19 BR Observatory launched this Friday, July 2, a communication campaign aimed at update guidelines for coping with coronavirus. The campaign, entitled #InformarPrevenirSalvar, has the central objective of supporting public managers and mayors in the dissemination of evidence-based information. The campaign pieces aim to reinforce the so-called “Triangle of Prevention”: use of masks, social distance and ventilation.

The campaign was launched at an online event attended by mayors Cinthia Ribeiro, from Palmas/TO, Dário Saadi, from Campinas/SP and Edmilson Rodrigues, from Belém/PA, in addition to researchers Gabriela Lotta (FGV) and Vitor Mori ( University of Vermont) involved in the development of the materials.

During the event, the mayor of Campinas, Dário Saadi, highlighted the central role that municipalities are playing in fighting the pandemic. “The mayors are practically alone”, he reinforced. The mayor of Palmas, Cinthia Ribeiro, highlighted the importance of unified guidelines to combat COVID-19, as observed in other countries. “The guidelines are very loose on the part of the regulatory body, the Ministry of Health”, highlighted the mayor. Cinthia also reinforced the importance of initiatives such as the #InformarPrevenirSalvar campaign, which aim to offer materials based on scientific evidence and endorsed by researchers.

The #InformarPrevenirSave Campaign

According to researcher Vitor Mori (University of Vermont), one of the researchers who worked on the development of materials for the campaign, it is now known that the most dangerous for transmission are the so-called aerosols, that is, the lighter particles, which stay in the air longer. For Vitor, “in a closed place, sometimes 2 meters is not enough to guarantee the person's safety, if the environment is not well ventilated”. In addition to ventilation, Vitor reinforced the importance of social distancing and the correct use of masks, without air leakage.

The campaign also has a booklet that aims to support Community Health Agents (CHA) in the dissemination of updated protocols. For the researcher at FGV, Gabriela Lotta, the ACS have a central role in fighting the disease, as they are in direct and permanent contact with the communities. “The booklet will help mayors and female mayors to strengthen the action of agents as central actors in the fight against the pandemic”, says Gabriela.

Advertising pieces with updated protocols can be downloaded free of charge by mayors and public administrators, as well as civil society organizations, and edited to include their logos, thus giving the campaign a regional character. All materials are available on the CoronaCidades platform, created by ImpulsoGov.

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