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ImpulsoGov on Folha de São Paulo: A tsunami is approaching.

A Covid-19 tsunami approaches Brazil. This is what reveals an article published today in Folha de São Paulo and signed by João Abreu, Executive Director of ImpulsoGov, our Marco Brancher, Data Coordinator at Impulso, Márcia Castro, Professor at the School of Public Health at Harvard University and Carlos Lula, President of the National Council of Health Secretaries (CONASS).

The analysis was based on a recently launched panel by the National Council of Secretaries of Health (CONASS) and the global health organization Vital Strategies with data from a Covid-19 symptom tracking done by the University of Maryland in partnership with Facebook .

The data indicate that, in a few weeks, we should see a huge increase in cases. If we imagine a growth of the same magnitude observed in Facebook's indicator, we would reach more than 120,000 new cases in the seven-day moving average, something unprecedented.


Two reasons justify this tsunami: the extremely high rate of contagion and the constant delay in the population's vaccination schedule. 

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