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The Saúde Ordem tool, which integrates Farol Covid and guides a phased reopening of activities in Brazil, mapped the health security and economic contribution of various sectors of the economy in all states of the country.

The result of the analysis, published in an article by Jornal O Globo, showed that the food sector, which includes bars and restaurants, should be one of the last to be taken up in all capitals, except Manaus, and in 99.8% in Brazilian cities.

To reach this conclusion, Saúde em Ordem crossed data on the risk of contagion by Covid-19 for workers in each sector, with the economic contribution that that activity has in each region, measured by the sector's wage bill.

The tool always guides the beginning of reopening by activities that present more health security for workers and greater economic contribution to the region.

The analysis also takes into account the weight of the informal economy in each region and shows that industrial activities, livestock and agriculture would be the first safest sectors to resume in almost all states.

Health in Order is available for access by anyone interested in the Covid Lighthouse. 

Access the full material with the results of the study at website of Jornal O Globo.