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Coronavirus circulates with great ease. At a time when some municipalities in the state of Pará are considering resuming the circulation of intercity vehicles and boats, Farol Covid, a tool developed by the CoronaCidades platform, shows that the rate of contagion in the capital, Belém, has a tendency to slow down, but the interior worries .

In mid-June, the capital of Pará has a contagion rate of 0.8, which means that, on average, someone infected infects less than one person. However, in many cities in the interior of the state of Pará, the rate of contagion exceeds 2.1. Lighthouse Covid considers a warning signal whenever the rate of contagion exceeds 1.2.

States and municipalities need to take these and other data into account when defining what measures to adopt in response to the coronavirus. The scenario in Pará indicates that the increase in the circulation of people between municipalities, without adequate prevention measures, can increase the circulation of the virus.

The actions taken by the government will have a direct influence on the evolution of the numbers of the disease. Lighthouse Covid's analyzes of Pará were highlighted in an article published by Jornal Nacional, on Rede Globo. Access to article in full by clicking here.

Farol Covid is a tool launched by the CoronaCidades platform with the objective of consolidating and crossing information from different databases, to show the public administrator where your municipality is on the contagion curve and warn about the risk of collapse in your health system . Access here.