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Impulse in Folha: Mental Health - Uncomplicated indicators and data are essential to improve the effectiveness of services in Brazil

The use of indicators in health management enhances public policies and the creation of goals in the area of Mental Health. This is what the article published in Folha de São Paulo points out and is signed by Maria Fernanda Quartiero, Luciana Barrancos from Instituto Cactus and Daniela Krausz and Isabel Opice from Impulso Gov. 

Data and indicators are important to help decision making and improve the public service of Mental Health. In addition, they represent an opportunity to encourage assessment to understand how these services are working. 

For the authors, the lack of consistent indicators to measure the effectiveness of actions makes it difficult to review strategies and create goals in the area of Mental Health. There are three obstacles to the use of indicators in this area in the public sector: the subjectivity of the diagnosis, the absence of a complete view of the user's trajectory in the psychosocial care network, and the little use of success and outcome indicators of mental health services .

Finally, the creation of mental health indicators can positively impact the people who use the health system and allow the optimization of mental health resources and public services provided.