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Analysis of the Covid Lighthouse, a tool developed by the CoronaCidades platform, shows that among the 10 Brazilian cities with the fastest rate of contagion in the country, 7 are located in the interior of the state of Pará.

In Paragominas, a city in Pará with just over 100,000 inhabitants, the rate of contagion is 2.25, which means that each infected infects an average of 2.25 people.

João Abreu, founder of the NGO Impulso, one of those responsible for the CoronaCidades platform and for the Covid Lighthouse, explains that a rate of contagion from 1.2 onwards is already considered worrying, as it indicates an easier spread of the disease. This information was disclosed in an article by Jornal Hoje, on Rede Globo.

The full video of the Jornal Hoje article is available for access on here. 

Covid Lighthouse also carried out a survey of the coronavirus situation in 124 cities across the country, the result of the analysis was released in G1. Access on here. The study was a snapshot of the moment. Numbers are dynamic and can change all the time.

Farol Covid is a tool launched by the CoronaCidades platform with the objective of consolidating and crossing information from different databases, to show the public administrator where your municipality is on the contagion curve and warn about the risk of collapse in your health system . Access here.